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Trials and the Courts
  • Authored by: Colin Evans
  • From the Series: Criminal Justice
  • Trim Size: 6-1/2 x 9-1/4
  • ISBN-10: 1604136162
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-60413-616-6
  • Status: In Stock
  • List Price: $35.00
  • Imprint: Chelsea House
  • Published: 04/01/2010
  • Dewey Number: 345
  • Reading Level: Grades 6-12
  • Pages: 128


Once the evidence is gathered and a suspect is in custody, the legal process begins. Trials and the Courts walks readers through every aspect of a criminal legal case, from the arrest and charges filed to arraignment to plea bargaining or trial to conviction or acquittal, and finally sentencing and the appeal process. This book describes the nature of criminal defense and the role of the prosecutor, the criteria for determining guilt or innocence, and how the jury system functions. The comprehensive book also discusses victim's rights and the rights of the accused and explores the media's role in "show trials."

Chapters include:

  • The History of Trials
  • The Arrest
  • The Prosecution
  • The Defense 
  • Jury Duty.


Full-color and black-and-white photographs. Sidebars. Endnotes. Further resources. Index.

About the Author(s)

Colin Evans is a writer specializing in criminal investigations and forensics. He has written numerous articles and books. His books include Blood on the Table: The Greatest Cases of New York City's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Killer Doctors, The Casebook of Forensic Detection, The Father of Forensics: The Groundbreaking Cases of Sir Bernard Spilsbury and the Beginnings of Modern CSI, Murder Two: The Second Casebook of Forensic Detection, and A Question of Evidence. He has been a major contributor to Courtroom Drama; Great World Trials; Sex, Sin, and Mayhem; and Great American Trials. He lives in the United Kingdom.

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