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Winning Sports For Girls

  • Winning Sports For Girls
  • Imprint: Chelsea House
  • Format: eBook
  • Status: Available
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Winning Basketball for Girls, Fourth Edition
Winning Lacrosse for Girls, Second Edition
Winning Soccer for Girls, Third Edition
Winning Softball for Girls, Second Edition
Winning Tennis for Girls
Winning Track and Field for Girls, Second Edition
Winning Volleyball for Girls, Third Edition
Winning Weight Training for Girls


Now in full color!

Written for beginners, competitive players, and coaches alike, the highly illustrated, revised books in the Winning Sports for Girls set are the perfect guides to the games young women are playing today. Each colorful title provides a comprehensive overview of a popular sport and guides female players through a safe program for improving their play. Full-color photographs and informative diagrams illustrate crucial skills needed to play competitively, while step-by-step drills help athletes learn the fundamentals and capture that winning edge.

This invaluable set emphasizes good sportsmanship and dedication, skill development and preparation, the mental and physical aspects of each sport, and the rules and regulations. Chapter by chapter, each book describes the game's history and key strategies. Most volumes include a foreword written by a nationally prominent coach or athlete, and additional resources include listings of sport-specific Web sites, associations, and organizations. Great for coaches for instruction, players to learn from, and parents who want to understand the rules, these books are sure to be appreciated anywhere young women are active in athletics.