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The Prehistoric Earth

  • The Prehistoric Earth
  • Imprint: Chelsea House
  • Format: eBook
  • Status: Available
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Dawn of the Dinosaur Age
Early Humans
Early Life
Last of the Dinosaurs
March Onto Land
Primates and Human Ancestors
The Age of Mammals
The First Vertebrates
The Rise of Mammals
Time of the Giants

Reviews and Awards

"...well-organized...presents up-to-date information about ancient life...Color illustrations, timelines and diagrams are well placed."

The Horn Book Guide

"...an outstanding resource for readers of any age who are interested in well-written and thought-provoking introductory-level discussions on select topics in evolutionary history. Highly recommend[ed] for both home and school libraries...will be very helpful in igniting a creative spark in the middles of budding young biologists."

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The Prehistoric Earth is a comprehensive set devoted to dinosaurs and other fascinating prehistoric creatures, including mammals, birds, flying reptiles, fish and other ocean life, and human ancestors. The wide variety of life-forms detailed in this fascinating set will intrigue student researchers. Each title highlights fundamental principles of scientific inquiry and provides insight into the work of scientists. Striking full-color photographs and illustrations bring to life the secrets of Earth's ancient past.