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A Cultural History of Women in America

  • A Cultural History of Women in America
  • Imprint: Chelsea House
  • Format: eBook
  • Status: Available
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A New Deal for Women
Daughters of Liberty
Finding an Identity
Strength in Numbers
The Great Depression
The Modern Feminist Movement
Women at War
Women Claim the Vote
Women of Today

Reviews and Awards

"...quite comprehensive, valuable for both research and browsing...significant coverage of minorities...Highlights include colorful drawings, photographs, and maps...Recommended."

Library Media Connection

"Eye-catching layouts with good use of color, photographs, and informative sidebars, many of which use primary-source documents, are the highlights of these appealing volumes...Readers are sure to linger over the excellent selection of photographs. Worthy additions for all history collections."

School Library Journal


A Cultural History of Women in America is a brand-new nine-volume set that sequentially charts the progress of American women in society over more than five centuries. These full-color books consider the general experience of women across different cultures and highlight specific historical figures who have made important contributions. Each heavily illustrated volume documents the way in which women responded to their various circumstances and succeeded in breaking the barriers that each era imposed on them. Beginning with the role of women in the family, the text progresses through the centuries to consider women's educational advantages, their growing social responsibility and fight for equality, and their entrance and involvement in the political arena and world stage. Additional resources include in-text Breakthrough Biographies, which feature prominent personalities in a particular era or movement, as well as quotes from major players in women's history.

Titles include:

  • Finding an Identity, 1492-1774: Early America and the Colonial Period
  • Daughters of Liberty, 1775-1827: The American Revolution and Early Republic
  • Women Claim the Vote, 1828-1860: The Rise of the Women's Suffrage Movement
  • Strength in Numbers, 1861-1899: Industrialization and Political Activism
  • Women at War, 1900-1920: The Progressive Era, World War I, and Women's Suffrage
  • The Great Depression, 1921-1937: The Jazz Age, Prohibition, and the Great Depression
  • A New Deal for Women, 1938-1960: The Expanding Roles of Women
  • The Modern Feminist Movement, 1961-1979: Sisters Under the Skin
  • Women of Today, 1980-Present: Contemporary Issues and Conflicts.