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  • Global Connections
  • Imprint: Chelsea House
  • Format: eBook
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America's Role in a Changing World
Changing Climates
Environment and Natural Resources
Feeding a Hungry World
Human Rights
One World or Many?
Pandemics and Global Health


Global Connections introduces middle school readers to the issues that affect today's global society. Tying together geography, history, science, social studies, and economics, these engaging titles examine key topics and their importance to the United States and to the world, giving students a basic foundation in each topic. Placing emphasis on the importance of understanding how the policies and actions of a particular group or region affect others, each title provides a balanced view to complex topics such as world hunger, human rights, and terrorism. Middle schoolers will learn to analyze the causes of and proposed solutions to a variety of persistent or emerging global issues. The timely books in this series will be valuable resources for students who are interested in learning about the issues they hear in the news or for those who are assigned reports on current events.

Full-color maps and illustrations, plus informative charts, tables, and graphs, enhance each title. In addition, special interactive "Making Connections" boxed insets encourage students to engage in critical thinking about these complex issues. Titles in this new set were developed with the national social studies curriculum standards in mind.