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A to Z of Women

  • A to Z of Women
  • Imprint: Facts On File
  • Format: eBook
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For much of history, women's important roles as successful leaders in their communities and across many public fields of endeavor have been unfairly glossed over. The volumes in the A to Z of Women series introduce readers to some of the most significant women in history, bringing their achievements to light and helping them gain the recognition they deserve. Written in engaging and accessible prose and sprinkled with quotes, this collection of compelling entries presents a diverse and panoramic view of women and their accomplishments.

Written for general readers, the A to Z of Women series features notable women from throughout history. Regionally, chronologically, and culturally inclusive, each engaging and accessible volume contains more than 100 fascinating, detailed profiles. Each profile includes a biographical sketch, a description of individual challenges and accomplishments, and recommended reading. The alphabetical organization of each volume is complemented by cross-references, a bibliography, subject indexes, and a general index.