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Lost Worlds and Mysterious Civilizations

  • Lost Worlds and Mysterious Civilizations
  • Imprint: Chelsea House
  • Format: eBook
  • Status: Available
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Easter Island
El Dorado
The Maya

Reviews and Awards

"...solid overviews...The [set] as a whole neatly links its topics with modern culture and explains why these places still grab the imagination."



The stories are familiar to many: the lost civilization of Atlantis, the mysterious disappearance of the colony at Roanoke, and the tales of El Dorado and its gold. Many of these accounts are based in history, but others may simply be figments of the imagination. For years, professional and amateur explorers and archaeologists have gone on the hunt to look for these ancient civilizations and legendary cities, searching for any clues to their existences and fates.

In the new Lost Worlds and Mysterious Civilizations set, readers will journey to these places through captivating narrative and vivid photographs and illustrations, learning about the citizens and cultures of these lost worlds, what happened to them, and what impact they have had on history, whether true or fictional. What researchers know and what they think they know is presented for readers to make their own conclusions about each mysterious civilization. These books are perfect for reports or for general interest reading.