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  • Nuclear Power
  • Imprint: Facts On File
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Fusion, Revised Edition
Nuclear Accidents and Disasters, Revised Edition
Nuclear Fission Reactors, Revised Edition
Radiation, Revised Edition
The Future of Nuclear Power, Revised Edition
The History of Nuclear Power, Revised Edition

Reviews and Awards

"...useful for those researching modern-day energy alternatives and their effects on the environment."

American Reference Books Annual

"The coverage is in-depth, detailed, and meticulously researched...tackles a controversial topic...fascinating...will inspire readers to learn more."

School Library Journal


The public was first exposed to nuclear energy at the end of World War II, when the United States brought hostilities to a sudden end by destroying two Japanese cities with the help of two extremely powerful bombs. This demonstration of a newly developed source of power stunned the world with the implications, and the effect has not completely subsided in the 60 years since. 

The brand-new, full-color Nuclear Power set reveals the inner workings, history, science, global politics, future hopes, triumphs, and disasters of an industry that has recently received a lot of attention in the headlines. Written in clear and jargon-free prose for high school and college students, the books in this set do not require a deep understanding of physics or mathematics, or the specialized vocabulary of nuclear technology to grasp the concepts of this important corner of science. Designed to address the problems of public perception of nuclear power and to instill interest and curiosity for this branch of technology, each volume includes an index, a chronology of important events, and a glossary of scientific terms. A list of books and Internet resources for further information provides readers with extended depth for every topic, as the study of nuclear technology expands to touch every aspect of the technical world.