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The New Biology

  • The New Biology
  • Imprint: Facts On File
  • Format: eBook
  • Status: Available
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Aging, Updated Edition
Animal Cloning, Updated Edition
Cancer, Updated Edition
Gene Therapy, Updated Edition
Stem Cell Research, Updated Edition
The Cell, Updated Edition
Viruses, Updated Edition


Fully revised and updated with the latest research and findings, The New Biology series provides comprehensive coverage of controversial topics in language that is accessible to middle and high school students, answering their questions and giving them a clear view of the field and its future direction. This revised series now boasts full-color photographs and illustrations as well as expanded material that reflects the latest discoveries in the field of biology.

These fascinating books offer a balanced treatment of various aspects of the new biology, giving readers an overview of a diverse, and sometimes confusing, array of subjects, all of them centered on technology and the cell. Many titles focus on a particular aspect of the new biology-animal cloning, gene therapy, stem cell research, cancer, and aging-acting as a primer for those new to cell biology and as a refresher for those already familiar with the subject.


  • Covers all of the most recent topics and technologies in the biological sciences, including basic cell biology, animal cloning, stem cell research, gene therapy, cancer, and aging
  • Extensively illustrated and written with a minimum of scientific jargon in order to make it accessible to beginning students and the general public
  • Shows how much the technologies have achieved so far, and what they are likely to accomplish in the future.