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The History of Mathematics

  • The History of Mathematics
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Algebra, Revised Edition
Beyond Geometry
Geometry, Revised Edition
Mathematics and the Laws of Nature, Revised Edition
Numbers, Revised Edition
Probability and Statistics, Revised Edition

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"...attractive, well-written, and easy-to-understand for high school and college collections. The volumes are comprehensive but also include necessary basic information for math students...a staple for reference sections everywhere. Recommended."

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Contemporary mathematics is often extremely abstract, and the important questions mathematicians concern themselves with can sometimes be difficult to describe to the interested non-specialist. Perhaps this is one reason that so many histories of mathematics give little attention to the last hundred years of discovery—despite the fact that this period has probably been the most productive in the history of mathematics.

Now in full color, The History of Mathematics set features five revised editions and one new volume that cover a significant portion of recent mathematical history as well as its origins. From the in-depth interviews with prominent mathematicians (one per volume), readers will develop an appreciation for current work in mathematics as well as an interest in the future of this remarkable subject. This set will be invaluable to anyone interested in this fascinating topic and how it applies to everyday situations.