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Genetics and Evolution

  • Genetics and Evolution
  • Imprint: Facts On File
  • Format: eBook
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In labs, clinics, and companies around the world, an amazing revolution in our understanding of life has taken place. This revolution makes the news nearly every day and has dramatically changed the way medicine is practiced, but the headlines often seem mysterious and scary. Today, discoveries are made at such a dizzying pace that even scientists—let alone the public—can barely keep up.

Providing up-to-date research on key issues in the field of biology, the Genetics and Evolution set highlights how genetics and evolution are drawn together in a powerful way. Putting things into perspective for high school and college students, these accessible, full-color books fill an important niche by connecting the history of scientific ideas and methods to their impact on today's research-as well as looking at how these sciences are likely to shape science and society in the future.