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The Literary Movements series examines the most influential literary movements in history. Pulling together the people, events, and works that defined each individual movement, these A-to-Z references create a clear, vivid picture of the way literature was formed within these genres or time periods. Offering hundreds of entries, each compelling encyclopedia details writers and influences, works and characters, places, historical events, figures, terms, and much more, providing a comprehensive resource for high school and college literature students.

Each encyclopedia begins with an introduction summarizing the individual movement and its key points. Organized alphabetically, each book then provides brief biographies of both popular and obscure writers from each movement, as well as definitions of terms and their origins, and plot summaries and critical interpretation of all major works. Spanning the significant works and writers of the Harlem Literary Renaissance and the Chicago Literary Renaissance as well as the broad spectrum comprising New York school poets, science fiction, adventure fiction, and more, the Literary Movements series thoroughly traces each movement and its development. Students, researchers, and literature aficionados alike will enhance their understanding with the use of these informative references.