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Global Warming
  • Global Warming
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Changing Ecosystems, Second Edition
Climate Management, Second Edition
Climate Systems, Second Edition
Fossil Fuels and Pollution, Second Edition
Global Warming Cycles, Second Edition
Global Warming Trends, Second Edition
Greenhouse Gases, Second Edition

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Global warming and its threats are real. As scientists unlock the mysteries of the past and analyze today's contributing activities, they warn that future generations may be in jeopardy. There is overwhelming evidence that human activities are changing the world's climate. For thousands of years, the Earth's atmosphere has changed very little; but today, there are problems with keeping this balance. Because people burn fossil fuels to heat their homes, run their cars, produce electricity, and manufacture products, more greenhouse gases are added to the atmosphere at an alarming rate.

The full-color Global Warming set explores the concept that each person is a member of a global family, and as such, we all share a responsibility in fixing the problem. This timely seven-volume set covers all of the important climatic issues that need to be addressed in order to understand the problem—from fossil fuels and pollution to changing ecosystems. Aimed at high school students, this set builds a solid foundation of knowledge to help readers solve critical issues in effective ways.