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  • Imprint: Ferguson Publishing
  • Format: eBook
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Business and Construction
Communication, Education, and Travel
Environment and Natural Resources
Law, Government, and Public Safety

Reviews and Awards

"...ideal for high school and undergraduate students trying to decide on a career focus in one of these environmentally friendly fields."

American Reference Books Annual


Valuable career guides for students interested in preserving the environment

High interest in energy conservation, environmental issues, and developing alternative and renewable energy sources has led to a boom in green careers, also called green-collar careers. The Green Careers set covers job opportunities in the fields of conservation, environmental protection, environmental study, renewable energy, resource management, and other related fields, as well as traditional careers that have been adapted to deal with environmental issues. With comprehensive information on in-demand green careers in business and construction, law, science, communications, and more, these resources are invaluable for students interested in preserving the environment through work.

Each full-color volume includes 15 job profiles that describe the duties, requirements, and earnings for each job in a given field, plus interviews with green professionals and further resources.