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Energy and the Environment
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Imprint: Facts On File
  • Format: eBook
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Biofuels, Second Edition
Coal and Oil, Second Edition
Natural Gas and Hydrogen, Second Edition
Nuclear Energy, Second Edition
Solar and Geothermal Energy, Second Edition
Wind and Water, Second Edition


The six-volume Energy and the Environment set provides an accessible and comprehensive examination of the history, technology, science, environmental and social implications, and issues of environmental justice that are associated with the production of energy.

Each volume in this full-color set describes one or more sources of energy and the technology needed to convert it to useful working energy. Considerable emphasis is placed on the issues that are essential to understanding energy, including the science on which the technology is based, the limitations of the technology, the environmental implications of its use, questions of availability and cost, and the way that government policies and energy markets interact. Each volume also includes an interview with a prominent person in the field. Interview topics range from the scientific to the highly personal and reveal additional—and sometimes surprising—facts and perspectives.