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  • Science and Society
  • Imprint: Chelsea House
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Agricultural versus Environmental Science
Air Pollution
New Genetics
Nuclear Power
Potent Natural Medicines


Society has had a profound impact on the progress and acceptance of new science—and vice versa. For instance, over recent years, events indicate that citizens’ views have helped change the focus of the research and development carried out by both the U.S. Department of Agriculture and by the Environmental Protection Agency. Likewise, citizen actions have influenced the direction of the activities of organizations such as the World Bank in their efforts to improve agriculture and living conditions in the developing nations of the world.

The Science and Society set not only highlights the “what” of science, but also the “why,” the “how,” and the “who.” Each volume provides an accessible, authoritative view of the history and current state of a particular issue. With a focus on humanizing science, this set brings each subject—from air pollution to nuclear power to natural medicines—to life by showing students all the factors that motivate research and revealing how scientists compete and collaborate with one another. By exploring the connections between science and society, especially in controversial areas, each book illustrates both how society supports science and how science in return supports society.

Each volume includes:

  • An introduction providing an overview of the topic
  • Complete chapter-by-chapter coverage
  • 45-75 black-and-white photographs and line illustrations
  • A helpful index and glossary
  • Lists of Web sites and suggestions for further reading that allow readers quick access to detailed information.