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Biomes of the Earth

  • Biomes of the Earth
  • Imprint: Chelsea House
  • Format: eBook
  • Status: Available
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Agricultural and Urban Areas, Second Edition
Deserts, Second Edition
Grasslands, Second Edition
Lakes and Rivers, Second Edition
Oceans, Second Edition
Taiga, Second Edition
Temperate Forests, Second Edition
Tropical Forests, Second Edition
Tundra, Second Edition
Wetlands, Second Edition

Reviews and Awards

“…an excellent reference set for biology, geography, or Earth science teachers and students…a great source for understanding other regions of the world.”
NSTA Recommends

Selected as one of "The Young Adult Top Forty Nonfiction Titles – 2006"
- Pennsylvania School Librarians Association


The 10-title Biomes of the Earth set outlines the main features of each of Earth’s major biomes. The biomes covered include the tundra habitats, the taiga and temperate forests, grasslands of the prairies and the tropical savanna, deserts of the world, tropical forests of the equatorial regions, wetlands of the world, vast oceans, rivers and lakes, and a manmade biome—agricultural and urban areas.

Lavishly illustrated with full-color photographs and line illustrations, this set provides students with a basic understanding of Earth’s biodiversity, the factors that influence it, and the future dangers that face the planet and our species. Each volume presents current information about a particular biome’s function, resources, and diversity, helping young readers experience the many climates and regions of Earth. Clearly written and easy to use, this comprehensive set gives an excellent overview of the prominent ecosystems of the world.

Each book covers:

  • Global distribution
  • Climate
  • Rocks and soils
  • Plants and animals
  • History
  • Environmental problems found within each biome.