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  • Imprint: Chelsea House
  • Format: eBook
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Al Gore, Updated Edition
Ansel Adams, Updated Edition
Chico Mendes, Updated Edition
Jacques Cousteau, Updated Edition
Jane Goodall, Updated Edition
John James Audubon, Updated Edition
John Muir, Updated Edition
Rachel Carson, Updated Edition
Steve and Bindi Irwin, Updated Edition
Theodore Roosevelt

Reviews and Awards

"Captivating, richly informative biographies...are as engaging as they are educational and will be ideal for research and reports...The impressive texts...should be considered an essential purchase for students who are interested in environmentalism, or those who simply want to read fascinating books about inspiring people."

School Library Journal

"For those students needing in-depth information, this series should be used as a starting point in their research...Recommended."

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A good leader leads by example, and leaders in the conservation movement are especially hands on. The 10-title Conservation Heroes set focuses on famous and inspirational luminaries, both historical and contemporary, who became champions for protecting the natural world. Readers learn about the leaders' lives, influences, and work and gain a greater understanding of Earth, oceans, and animals—and the importance of each to our lives—in the process. Each fully illustrated book presents the methods and accomplishments of a particular prominent conservationist, providing more than 100 pages of useable information for middle and high school students. Science concepts and terms are presented in clear language, giving readers the background they need to understand the conservation issues. Each volume comes complete with sidebars, further resources and Web sites, a section providing resources to readers who want to get involved in similar conservation issues, a glossary, and an index.