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Bloom's Literary Themes

  • Bloom's Literary Themes
  • Imprint: Bloom's Literary Criticism
  • Format: eBook
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Certain great literary themes reappear continually throughout the world's literature and are a major component of today's literature curriculum standards. The Bloom's Literary Themes series examines how these themes function in classic literary works, from the Bible to the novels of Toni Morrison. Some of the approximately 20 essays in each title were written specifically for the series; others are excerpts of important critical analyses published in books or journals. This latest addition to the Bloom's Literary Criticism imprint is the perfect complement to other Bloom's critically acclaimed series, such as Bloom's Guides, Bloom's Modern Critical Views, and Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations.

Each title features:

  • Original essays and excerpts from published critical analyses that discuss the role of the title theme in various works
  • An index for easy reference
  • Two introductory essays by Harold Bloom.