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About This Database

The Essential Career Research Database

The critically acclaimed Ferguson's Career Guidance Center features authoritative, wide-ranging content that is accessible and intuitively organized. This comprehensive career research database is broken down into three main sections: Job and Industry Profiles, Job-Hunting and Workplace Skills, and Career and Industry Resources. The Job and Industry Profiles section, organized into 16 Career Clusters created by the Department of Education, contains information on nearly 3,400 jobs and 94 industries. The Job-Hunting and Workplace Skills section provides invaluable advice on applying for a job, acing an interview, behaving professionally in the work environment, and more-with more than 90 sample résumés and cover letters included. The Career and Industry Resources section includes more than 54,000 entries on scholarships, internships, and more, divided into easily browsable categories with searchable records. Nearly 300 videos present essential career information on both specific jobs and industries and on skills.


  • Job and Industry Profiles: nearly 3,400 jobs and 94 industries, broken down into 16 Career Clusters created by the Department of Education
  • Job-Hunting and Workplace Skills: guidance on getting a job and keeping it—establishing a career path, honing interview skills, writing résumés, and more
  • Career and Industry Resources: more than 55,000 searchable, browsable resource entries, divided into convenient categories on fellowships, organizations, internships, scholarships, and awards.


  • Nearly 300 videos covering jobs, industries, and career development skills
  • Advice from nationally renowned author and career expert Sue Morem for recent graduates, job seekers, and people advancing in the workplace
  • "My Life" interviews with professionals, giving a firsthand perspective on exciting jobs, updated monthly
  • Career Opportunities News, updated monthly
  • Dictionary
  • "Did You Mean...?" search feature
  • Persistent record links
  • Examples of full citations in MLA, 7th Edition; Chicago; and APA styles.

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