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Encyclopedia of the Ottoman Empire
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  • Authored by: Gábor Ágoston and Bruce Masters
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  • ISBN-10: 1438110251
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-4381-1025-7
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  • Imprint: Facts On File
  • Published: 12/01/2008
  • Dewey Number: 956
  • Reading Level: Grades 9 and up
  • Pages: 688


Once stretching from Vienna in the north to Iraq and Yemen in the south, the Ottoman Empire has played an integral role in the history of Eurasia and the Middle East. The dynamics and complexity of the present-day Middle East and Balkans cannot be understood without an examination of the history of the Ottoman Empire that ruled these regions for centuries.

Encyclopedia of the Ottoman Empire provides a thorough overview of the history and civilization of the Ottomans, with more than 400 A-to-Z entries focusing on major events, personalities, institutions, and terms. With signed articles by experts in the field, this comprehensive one-volume resource also includes essential information regarding imperialism and the emerging Balkan, Arab, and Turkish nationalism; the demise of the empire; and Ottoman legacy in the Balkans and the Middle East. Further readings, approximately 85 black-and-white photographs and maps, cross-references, a chronology, glossary, bibliography, and an index complement the text and give readers an in-depth understanding of the broad and fascinating history of the Ottoman Empire.

Coverage includes:

  • Abbas I
  • Ankara, Battle of
  • Armenian Massacres
  • Barbarossa brothers
  • Beirut
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bucharest, Treaty of
  • Byzantine Empire
  • Censorship
  • Ceramics
  • Coffee/coffeehouses
  • Constantinople, conquest of
  • Danube River
  • Dar al-Islam
  • Dhimmi
  • Fatwa
  • Historiography
  • Imperial ideology
  • Khedive
  • Lawrence, T.E.
  • Lebanese Civil War
  • Literature, classical Ottoman
  • Mamluk Empire
  • Millet
  • Mustafa Kamil
  • Napoléon Bonaparte
  • Pan-Islamism
  • Russo-Ottoman Wars
  • Tanzimat
  • Vienna, sieges of
  • Young Turks
  • and more.



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